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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry


Single tooth implant crowns

A single implant and crown are placed as an alternative to traditional bridge work. This allows the missing tooth to be replace without damaging the adjacent teeth.

Multiunit fixed implant bridges

Multiple implants are placed to replace multiple missing teeth. This allows multiple missing teeth to be replaced without damaging the adjacent teeth. The implant supported bridge looks and functions like normal teeth.

Removable implant retained dentures.

Two dental implants are place to help retain a traditional denture. The implants prevent slipping and hold the dentures in place.

Removable implant supported full-arch prosthesis.

Four to six implants are placed to retain and support a full arch of missing teeth. The multiple implants allow the prosthesis to be completely implant retained and supported. The prosthesis can be removed once a day to be cleaned and snapped back in place after necessary oral hygiene is completed.

Fixed detachable implant supported full-arch prosthesis.

Four to six implants are placed and the full arch of missing teeth is screwed onto the implants. These prosthesis look and function like normal teeth and are not removable by the patient. The prosthesis are cleaned very similarly to natural teeth. Once a year Dr. Quintero will remove the prosthesis to evaluate and clean the implant prosthesis connection.


3D imaging allows Dr. Quintero to perform most procedures in the office. All three-dimensional scans and X-rays are completed in the office eliminating the necessity for referral to expensive imaging centers. All 3D scans are included in the price of the dental implant placement. Dr. Quintero has been restoring implants for over twenty years and is dedicated to ongoing continuing dental implant training to deliver state of the art implant restorations.


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